Word searching/matching in SQL Server

This is a sample of how to match strings which are not exact and have a different order of words. Usually the strings have similar digit patterns but the words may be in different order.


Another approach is using TF*IDF. This is known as Term Frequency and Inverse Document Frequency. Here is a reference;

TF*IDF in C# example

SSIS Fuzzy lookup has a good support for this;

Fuzzy lookup using SSIS

Peshawari Kheer

The recipe;

Peshawari Kheer

Basmati rice
Cake russ
Boil rice and mix Cake russ. grind both
Use full fat milk and boil
Add alachi
Add rice and cake mixture in boiled milk
Mix and stir for 15 minutes
Add sugar per your choice
Rabri koiha ya mawa. Stir and add
Add some dry fruits (Badam, Pista etc)
Add Rose water
When you see buble, means its ready
slow down flame
Put it in other post.
Add garnshing. you can use small pices of badam and pista
Keep it in room temperature for 30 minutes and put in fridge afterwards
Add Golden pata on it.
Ready and eat.

Here is video link;

Khoya Rabri recipe


Hope you will enjoy this.

Karachi Biryani

This is the recipe;

Karachi Bryani (Don’t add any onion)

USE sela rice (Paka Basmiti not simple Basmiti)
I Kg rice (3/4 water) in recipe – masala
Black pepper Corn – Kali mirch sabat
Green Cardamom – Sabaz Alachi
Star Anise – badiyan ka pool
Cinamon sticks – Dar chini
Gumin – Zeera
Cloves – long
Nutmeg – jayfill ka tukra
Mace – javatri ka chalka
Dried plum – alu bkukra 50 g
Turmeric – Haldi
Corriander Powerder – Sooka daniya
Plain yougert – Dahi
Bay leaves – Teez pata
Orange Food color
Lemon – Lemoo
Coariander Leaves – Danyia (more is better)
Mint Leaves – Poodinya (more is better)
Oil bottle – (add at time of dum. if not rice will break)

For Rice, 1 KG should have 2 teaspoon salt

cover for dum
first 5 minute high flame – 5 minute teze aag
20 minute slow flame – 20 minute halki aag

This is the video;

Hope you will enjoy this.