Adding a separate email account as an owner subscription

My friend has created the Azure subscription using this email address, Azure has created a domain in Azure Active Directory.

Me and my friend share same subscription with same email address to provision services Azure. There are occasional disruptions in my sign-in and I see a login pop up window. It asks me to type-in our shared email address to get a code and authenticate in Azure. I contact my friend and solve login issue. This is a waste of time.

To solve this issue, navigate to Active Directory -> Manage -> User and create a new user;

Navigate to Azure subscription -> Access control (IAM) -> Add -> Add role assignment;

By using, We can share a single subscription but can use our own email accounts to provision resources.

There are other ways to manage identities but I have found this an easier and quicker fix.

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Author: Shahzad Khan

Software developer / Architect